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BungeeCord is a Minecraft server that acts as a hub between multiple servers that it connects to. For more information on BungeeCord and its capabilities, please consult its thread on the Spigot Forums.

Support on Minespan servers

With some minor configuration, you can use BungeeCord as a hub on our servers. Multicraft isn't able to correctly monitor BungeeCord, and will state that the hub is between offline and launching - however, the console, and CPU / RAM monitors still function correctly.

Servers on Minespan can be configured to run as part of a BungeeCord network. However, the suggested method of blocking players from joining your servers (using iptables) won't be possible. The BungeeCord documentation mentions that an IP whitelist plugin will work instead.

Please note that you cannot run multiple servers on a single Minespan plan. BungeeCord suggests that you run multiple smaller servers on a single machine, however this isn't possible with our services. For example, if you wished to run a BungeeCord set up consisting on a lobby server, and two minigame servers then you would require four plans with us: one for the hub, one for the lobby and two for the minigames.

Installing on Minespan servers

This guide assumes that you are familiar the basic administration of Minecraft server, uploading and editing files via FTP. If you are not comfortable with doing this, then we recommend not proceeding.

Install BungeeCord
  1. Download the BungeeCord jar from the Spigot website.
  2. Stop your server if running.
  3. Using FTP backup any files you wish to keep to your own computer.
  4. Upload BungeeCord.jar into the jar directory.
  5. Start the server so that BungeeCord can initialise. Watch the console to see the progress as BungeeCord download some required libraries and modules. This will only take a few moments. Once complete, stop the server.
  6. Look at the root directory of your server, BungeeCord will have created a config file called config.yml.
  7. Edit config.yml and make the following changes:
    • Change host to and your server’s port. For example if your server is host to
    • Change query_port to the same port as your server (e.g. 12345.)
    There are a number of other options here that you will want to configure, but are not pertinent to this guide. Please read the full guide on configuring BungeeCord on the Spigot website.
  8. Start the server and check to see if it’s visible in Minecraft. Note you won’t be able to connect yet as we haven’t set up any servers in the network!
Setting up a networked server
  1. Switch to a Spigot or Bukkit server jar and install the IPWhitelist plugin.
  2. Restart the server. Try to connect to test that you are not whitelisted.
  3. Whitelist the IP address of the BungeeCord server. By entering ipwl addip <ip> into the console.
  4. Edit so that the server is in offline mode.
  5. Back on your BungeeCord server, edit config.yml again and this time add your newly created server to the list of networked servers. You can use the address with the Minespan hostname (e.g. or the IP address and port.
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